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  • How to Sell Your Home Online in 2021

    In this post we will discuss key factors to understanding your homes’ SEO. There’s a lot this pandemic has taught us and one of the main takeaways is Online Marketing is more important than ever before. From growing your businesses to selling your home online.......

  • 5 Canadian real estate market trends to watch in 2021

    Source Every year is unique, but 2020 was truly unlike anything we’ve ever experienced in the Canadian real estate market. No one could have predicted that a pandemic would sweep across Canada, slowing the market initially and then driving prices upward in many regions across......

  • Is 2021 the right year to purchase a new home?

    Source Is it safe to sell my home during the pandemic? Is the market too competitive?  Could the pandemic still make the housing market more volatile? Is it too risky to buy a new home before I sell my old one right now? If I......